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Blasting out of a dirty basement, on the outer City limits of Vienna, comes the forward thinking, punkrock sound, of Austria’s very own, ASTPAI. Think, None More Black meets Angus Young meets Dan Yemin and you are in the right ballpark. The heavy rocking, Hardcore/Punk sound, intertwined with melody and sing-a-longs, from vocalist, Zock’s distinctive vocal style, offers a very personal and political view on modern life.“ – Johnny Amok, Neustadtpunk Network 

In a total of fifteen years, ASTPAI has shared stages with numerous international acts like Kid Dynamite, Good Riddance, NOFX, Alkaline Trio, Smoke Or Fire, Anti-Flag, Flogging Molly, Leftöver Crack, Star Fucking Hipsters, Fucked Up, Paint It Black, ALL, The Lawrence Arms, The Flatliners, Rocket From The Crypt, The Menzingers, OFF!, A Wilhelm Scream and Dead To Me. 

ASTPAI love to be busy and they’re busy with what they love