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Blame it of the Classics
Blame it of the Classics Blame it of the Classics

Blame it of the Classics

Feral Ponies

$ 8.00

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Blame it on the Classics is the first full length record from Delaware band, Feral Ponies. The title track, based on Richard Dawkins’ meme theories, compares the spread of ideas through discourse and social media to the spreading and replicating of a virus. “I found it interesting to consider the ways in which some ideas spread and become popular and others simply fade away, ideas replicate in the brains of the masses and their existence is beyond our control.” This sets the tone for the rest of the record, as many of the Ponies’ lyrics are influenced by books, movies and art. Visual art is also an important aspect of the band. Bassist/illustrator, Pat Higgins worked outside of the box to create album art that jumps out when viewed with the included 3D glasses.

Track Listing:

  1. Blame it on the Classics
  2. Line Up
  3. Dim Light
  4. Take it Back
  5. Fools Fall In
  6. Objection
  7. Cry Baby
  8. Ballon Pop
  9. Migrant Mother
  10. Sunset Basement
  11. Lust Lost Love
  12. Parade