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- The Flatliners / Astpai Split -

- The Flatliners / Astpai Split -

The Flatliners

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100- Black (Panic State Store ONLY)
250- Translucent Orange w/ Black Color in Color – (Only available through The Flatliners and PSR Store)
250- Translucent Electric Blue w/ Black Color in Color – (Only available through Astpai and PSR Store)

2nd PRESSING! The only way to get the super limited ultra clear with a hand numbered screen printed cover designed by Chris Cresswell of The Flatliners is to order the 3 record set! These will go fast!

SHIPPING NOW!!! Only a handful of the sets are available!

Here's the story -
We here in the Panic State camp have known The Flats since the release of the first LP - Destroy to Create back in 2004 when they opened for Catch 22 on their Canadian tour. Since then, we have not only been fans but we are proud to call them friends.

When they released of "Cavalcade" we were finally in the position to put our more records so I (bean) have been trying (hounding - thanks for not telling me to fuck off or call me annoying) to get a Flatliners record out on our label and welcome them to the family. While the Flats were in Australia, Chris sent me a message asking me if we would be interested in releasing the split EP with ASTPAI that was only available in Europe on their tour together back in 2011 to coincide with their US East Coast tour together. We didn't jump, we fucking leaped and rushed to get this thing out.

Chris got me in touch with Toni (Astpai) and we worked hard to get the files and artwork together with literally DAYS to spare. Toni had people retrieve the files for him from his computer because they were on tour in Europe with Smoke or Fire. Long story short, we got the files, updated the art work (Thanks to the rad Peter Wonsowski) and Zak Kaplan @ Pirates Press came through clutch as always and took care of us.

The result is a beautiful piece of wax with rad artwork and killer fucking songs. The Flatliners cover Astpai's "Southwards" (from Heart to Grow) while Astpai tackle "Meanwhile, in Hell," from The Flatliners' full-length The Great Awake.