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"Face Down" is one of our favorite songs because of its almost brutal honesty. The first verse has the line "I'm so sorry for looking out for myself, there's this one little thing that I call my mental health." which is so bratty yet sad at the same time. Also, the fact that it's an entirely major key song with very somber subject matter makes it ironically fun, which is a theme throughout the record. It is also is a good summation of the record because it has that light at the end of the tunnel vibe where you say all these negative things in the song but somehow feel like "hey it could be worse" or "hey it's gonna turn around." The whole record and especially this song has a more "realist" approach to life, like "hey I get it, life can really suck sometimes but you're gonna have to do something about it yourself, you can't just sit there and whine." 
When I found out Panic State wanted to work with us, I was floored. I did not think I was cool enough for them and just couldn't believe they dug the record. Growing up in Jersey; going to VFW, American Legion, firehouse, and church basement punk shows; I was always proud of the "scene" I came from. I was always proud of Jersey, and what it meant to be from Jersey. To get to work with Panic State brings everything full circle; we are more than honored to wear their logo and be a part of such a sick line up.