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We Were Sharks

So, this is our bio. This is where we tell you about ourselves and maybe even try to be fancy. Well, we’ve tried fancy and it didn’t work out. Instead, this is what we’ve come up with.

We Were Sharks hail from Canada’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario. We rose from the ashes of bands which were once scattered throughout our beast of a country. We believe that we have piled together enough resources and know-how to try and make this band thing work. We are no strangers to a tour van, to showing up in a town which we don’t know the name of, at a bar that can’t get our name right, or playing to only the sound guy ‘cause the promoter didn’t stick around, but we still walk away with a story to tell.

Our music draws influences from the punk bands of yesteryear, and we combine that with todays more polished-aggressive sound; in hopes that others sing along as loud and hard as we do. We’re not trying to fix what’s not broken. But, instead, recreate the feelings you get when you hear a new song and feel the need to show your best friend.

The fuel that drives us is working hard and having fun along the way. We want to continue playing music all year-round, meet cool people, lose money, and maybe eventually move out of our parents basements. If anyone out there wants to help with any of those four things, it would be great. But, preferably not the third one.

We pour every ounce of our lives into doing this thing, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we love doing it.

Thank you

Randy, Jason, Terry, Kaleb and Will