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Electric Century

For over a year after the break up of My Chemical Romance, Way remained without a band until he formed Electric Century with Sleep Station vocalist David Debiak. The duo released their first song "I Lied" in February 2014. The same month, Electric Century was included in Alternative Press's "100 Bands You Need To Know" list. The magazine mentioned that "I Lied" "forges an alloy of decades-proven electronic pop" comparing it to fun. and Twenty One PilotsAlternative Press also said that the duo's album was finished and awaiting release later that year. The album was recorded and mixed by D. James Goodwin at The Isokon Studio in Woodstock, New York. In November, Way revealed that he had flown in February to the East Coast to complete the album but instead went to rehab. Way also said the news about Electric Century would be "in the coming months." On January 13, 2015 "Let You Get Away" was made available for streaming. "Let You Get Away" was released as a single on April 3. The band announced their debut self-titled EP on March 10, and was released on Record Store Day on April 18. "Hail the Saints" and "Right There" were released as singles on May 6.

Since releasing their debut EP, the band re-entered the studio, and spent much 2015 writing and recording new songs. In January 2016, the duo tweeted on their official Twitter page "2016 is THE year", hinting upcoming releases. They announced their debut album For the Night to Control on February 24, 2016, and was released on March 9, exclusively with that week's edition of Kerrang! Magazine.